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Connect Candle

Connect Candle

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Connect Candle created with a blend of essential oils – Frankincense, Lavender & Cedarwood in organic soy wax, meticulously crafted to you to bring you a harmonious blend of aromas and therapeutic benefits. This exquisite candle isn’t just a delightful addition to your space, it’s a holistic experience designed to elevate your mood, soothe your senses and balance your energy tapping into the crown chakra.

The benefits of the Connect Candle:

Frankincense– Revered for centuries for it’s spiritual significance and therapeutic properties, frankincense holds a special place in aromatherapy. It is a warm, resinous scent, promotes deep relaxation , eases stress and anxiety and fosters a sense of tranquility. Frankincense is also known for it’s ability to enhance meditation practices, allowing you to connect with your inner slef and elevate your consciousness, perfectly aligning with the energy of the crown chakra.

Lavender– Renowned for it’s calming & balancing effects, lavender brings a touch of serenity to this candle blend. It’s gentle floral aroma promotes deep relaxation, alleviates tension and promotes a restful sleep. Lavender is also celebrated for it’s ability to soothe the mind and uplift the spirit, making it an ideal companion for meditation. By incorporating lavender into the Connect Candle, we aim to create a sanctuary of peace where you can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Cedarwood – With it’s  grounding and purifying properties, cedarwood complements the other elements of the this candle blend beautifully. It’s rich woody scent evokes a sense of strength and stability, helping to dispel negativity and restore balance. Cedarwood is known for its ability to enhance focus and concentration, making it an excellent aid for meditation and mindfulness practices. By infusing our candle with cedarwood essence, we seek to create a supportive environment where you can clear your mind and connect with your higher self.

Crafted from organic soy wax, our candle burns cleanly and evenly, releasing the natural fragrance of frankincense, lavender, and cedarwood without any harmful toxins or pollutants. Each time you light our candle, you invite a wave of positive energy into your space, enveloping you in a cocoon of tranquility and well-being.

  • Soy wax
  • Free from dyes
  • Cotton sprung wick
  • Approx burn time Medium 30-35 hours
  • Approx burn time Large up to 40 hours 


  • Medium 155g | Large 220g
  • Candle vessel – glass
  • Dimensions:
  • Medium Height 8.5cm Width 7 cm 
  • Large Height 9.2 cm Width 8cm


  • Comes in a kraft presentation box
  • Hand poured in Sheffield UK
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